A Fun Sister

Hello, dear readers!
Since my last post, a handful of ‘mini-posts’ have been collecting into a little puddle in the back of my mind. I’ve been kicking myself to get back on here or to simply sit down, take time and write. them. down. *Sighs at self *
One of these inspirations came in the form of my Dad, my youngest brother, and mountains of snow.
You see, I work weekends at a consignment shop in a nearby town. I usually drive to and from work, but because of all this winter weather (AKA adverse driving conditions!!!) my Daddy drove me to work last Saturday. When he came to pick me up that evening, he brought my youngest brother, Nathan, with him :D
After Daddy puttered around a little with a router he wanted to buy and Nathan “shopped” and goofed off with me as I chatted online with a friend, we packed up and headed to Wal-Mart before heading home.
By this time it was about 8 o’clockish, dark outside, and snowing—fat, luscious flakes!—once again.
As we pulled into the parking lot, we were met with a mountain range! The snow once covering the parking lot had been plowed (probably numerous times!) into giant mountains of snow in several matching rows!
Whoa! Look at that!” Nathan exclaimed from the back seat. “It would be so cool to climb one of those! I bet I could do it!”

It’s cold.
It’s late.
It’s dark.
It’s past dinnertime… so we’re hungry.
It’s a public parking lot.
We have more important  things we need to do!

Any of these statements could’ve been used as perfect “reasons” (read excuses) for a parent (or older sister!) to deflate Nathan’s enthusiasm, brush aside as unimportant, or shoot down as immature.
But my daddy didn't do that. :D
He said something to the effect of ‘well, let’s get our shopping done first’ (which was followed by ‘do you have on boots?’ ‘Any gloves?’—he, he! :D)
We completed our errand, and as I paid, Dad and Nathan headed out to the parking lot to conquer the snow peaks! Well, Nathan scaled their frigid heights. Daddy stayed in the car and supervised lol.
But this struck a chord in me. It blessed my heart, as the observer. I found myself thinking, I want my husband to be like that—a fun daddy. One who lets the kids go with their fun impulses (within reason and Biblical parameters) and goof off once in a while, whether or not it’s convenient in the moment or “grown up” enough. In fact, I want to possess those qualities as well as a {future} mother! The ‘fun mom’. Not the one who doesn't let her kids be kids because she’s so concerned with making them ‘perfect’. :(
Climbing Parking Lot Mountains could be considered a silly thing to do…
…But Nathan sure had fun!
And daddy let him. <3 :) <3
As I got in the van, I thanked Dad: for being the dad who let his kids climb in the snow (where every other customer could see that ‘crazy kid in the snow’ *wink *) jump in the puddles, play in the play place, stop for an unplanned play at the park, Take a short break from our schoolwork to goof off and get the squirmies out.
For letting us be kids.
What is the point, you may ask?
How often do we as elder sisters squash that enthusiasm in our younger brothers and sisters? :( How often have they come to us while we are knee-deep in a project (or project bent) and begged us to play Legos or a game of Set with them—but we were too busy?? Watch a movie or play computer together—but that wasn’t as important as what we wanted to do? Or how often have we been so ‘concerned’ with them behaving ‘properly’ that we missed out on a chance to bless them? How often have we been so insistent they ‘do things right’ that we forget that kids are and will be kids and probably need to be nurtured in that and loved because of it!? How many chances have we missed to invest in them, love on them in a random, silly way… yet a way they’re likely to remember the rest of their lives!? :(:(:(
I know I am so. guilty. of this :(:(:(
I want to be a fun mom one day.
But I need to be a fun and loving sister right now! It is the now that is preparing me for the future!!!
And it means. The. World. To our younger brothers and sisters when we take time to set aside our agendas (however valid and genuinely important as they may be!) for a while and focus—all of our attention, all of our love— on them! They may not even consciously think, “wow! My sister loves me! I’m important to her!” but rest assured it is buried deep within their subconscious! They won’t have to think it.
They will KNOW.
And no, I’m not saying we should not handle wrong behavior when it arises; that being silly or constantly goofing off is the standard we should seek to emulate; or that we should just chuck encouraging our siblings to be mature. No! I am simply saying, once in a while, as my sister Bethie would tell me, “Everything (or everyone) does not have to be “perfect” (what is perfect anyway!? lol).
So I encourage you today, big sister! Set aside ‘me’ time for a while. set aside ‘adult-ness’. And go love on your sisters! Go wrestle with your brothers! Invest (your time, energy, and love) in them and let them be kids (and o my soul, YES! I AM PREACHING TO THE CHOIR!!!! Ask nearly anyone!) And HAVE FUN!

"But I my sister and I don’t get along."
"Talking to my brother is like pulling teeth!"
"You don’t know my little sister! She is so weird!"
"But my brother can be so annoying!"

Trust me I know. :D
And they’ll be the first one’s to tell you that you’re too bossy. 
That you never play with them. that the things you do are weird to them too, and that they find it annoying when you hum while they’re doing math.
I once read a quote by a sister concerning similar thoughts: “God gave us siblings to develop patience… not because we already have it!” *winks * Your relationships with your brothers and sisters are some of the most important ones you will ever have! I promise you that they are so worth pursuing!

And one more thing: please! Don’t! Ever! Let your peers pressure you into feeling as though a close relationship with your sibling is uncool. :( Ever. :( 

What are some ways you ‘practice’ the art of being a fun sister? What are some ways you are preparing to be a mother? (Yes, you can even do this now as a single young lady!) Do you ever see good/Godly qualities in good, Godly men you hope your husband will one day possess? Please share!


  1. I LOVED this post, Katie! It was such a blessing to read. I have often thought that I want to marry a fun man, too- not in a bad way, but like you said- within reason and within biblical parameters. And I also want to be a fun mom one day- one that takes time to play with her kids and act silly sometimes ;)

    That snow is so pretty, too- we don't ever get snow like that here, but I so wish we did! Hope you have a wonderful weekend <3

  2. I loved reading this post, Katie! It's so, so true that we should try not to be so caught up in 'what we're doing' that we can't have a little fun with our siblings (or let them have fun) :) I loved the pictures :D

  3. Wow, I'm SO guilty! I know I've been busy, but...I haven't given my little brother much attention lately. Each time he's asked me to do something with him I've been "too busy" to look, or to play. Thanks for this post! I realize now that some of the things I've been doing aren't as important as I thought they were in the long run. I'm going to be a fun sister today:)

    1. Aw! Praise the Lord, Mallory! Since writing this post, I've had an 'extra' reminder to slow down and invest in them!!! :) Thanks for your sweet comment! <3


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