Book Review: Kate's Innocence

When the FBI begins investigating bombings at Kate’s school, she becomes the main suspect because of her chemical engineering major and military background—however, Kate maintains she is innocent! As further evidence mounts against her, Kate must help the FBI clear her name—all while facing personal demons from her past—or spend the rest of her life behind bars. This was a great story and intriguing read that I was able to really “get into” and not want to stop reading until everything was resolved!

What I liked: I liked that life wasn’t perfect. Kate’s relationship with her father was strained, as was her relationship with God. Things like this are real-life, and while not condoned (for sure!) they were written in very well. Kate’s rocky relationship with God was something I appreciated because it gave her room to grow and for readers to be edified through the course of the story. This was done very well, and is something with which many readers will be able to relate.
I enjoyed the banter among the FBI team throughout the book, and that when somebody made a mistake or error in judgement, they owned it, and the responsibility that went with it, instead of pawning it off. In addition, I found the plot of the mystery to be very well thought out. You can tell that Sarah did her homework. I was skeptical as to whether or not this would be more of a romance/emotional story with the mystery tacked on, but was pleasantly surprised with the opposite. The mystery was very thought out and was the real, main deal, with the subplot woven in very well!
I also enjoyed that while romantic relationships are hinted at and feelings are felt, they were dealt with in a realistic manner! They were often ignored, pushed away for another day, dealt with slowly—any relationships or even deeper friendships were developing slowly throughout this book, leaving so much  to yet be resolved and I appreciated this soooo much! :D In real life these things take time, and they did in Kate’s Innocence, not occurring and resolving perfectly with a neat little bow in 120 pages! That, my friends, was refreshing! :D
What I didn’t like: While I loved certain conversations concerning faith and God in this story and was truly touched by them, there were a few that felt forced to me, usually between the lead male character and his best friend. Whether it was the man-to-man element or the lack of preamble that felt off to me, a few of those scenes bothered me.
Also, nearly all the FBI agents in the team were Christians; while as a Christian I would love if that was a reality ;) I did find this to be a little unrealistic. However, it seemed as though the main character Kate did as well, which I loved, so perhaps in future installments we will get more closure/information as to how this came to be.
However, neither one of these things bothered me enough to ruin my enjoyment of the book!!!

Favorite quote:  ‘“I just… I have neglected God. I don’t think He is going to give me peace and grace until I change.”
……“God doesn’t work that way, Kate. He is always waiting to be there for us, even if we haven’t done our part.”’

Final thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I found it a fun, intriguing, but also encouraging read, and was excited when I saw that Sarah plans on continuing the series! Check out Sarah's blog: The Destiny of One .
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**picture taken from Amanda's Review! :)