Intense Truths and Leaky Buckets

You may be thinking, “What kind of a post-title is that?!:) And you’d be justified—rest assured, we’re getting to that. :D

For those of you who do not know this, my family does not have practical Internet access from our house, and so the only times I am able to use the internet, is when I am at the library or another source of free WiFi :D The way I work around this is by printing as PDF files the things I wish to read (blogposts, emails to respond to, etc…) for later to maximize my online time. This was the case with the following blogpost from one of my favorite blogs for Christian young women.

I’ve copied and pasted the following (concerning leaky buckets!) as well as the link to the entire post, should you wish to glean the rest of the post for your weaponry arsenal. :D

This post was an encouragement to me, and I hope that it will encourage you dear ladies as well!!!!! God bless! And God fill our leaky buckets! (Perhaps some of us are missing the bottoms of our buckets entirely!!! :( )

“…The people of Jeremiah's day had stopped looking to God for their satisfaction. I don't know who or what they were hoping would make them feel okay, but it doesn't matter. The result was like pouring water into a leaky bucket. It just didn't work.

You see the answer isn't to be noticed more often, loved by more people, or cherished more deeply. The answer is to know that God has already noticed you. In fact, He studies you. (Matthew 10:30 says He knows the very number of hairs on your head.) He loves you so much He sent His Son to die for you (John 3:16). He cherishes you like a father cherishes His own daughter (Rom. 8:15).
The trick is to let that be enough—to let the truth about who you are to the God of the universe fill your bucket instead of constantly looking to the people in your world to make you feel noticed.
It's not an easy switch to make. Praise from people seems so tangible sometimes compared to the affirmation we find in God's Word, but ultimately it is just like pouring water into a leaky bucket. It never lifts our spirits for long.
How about you? Have you been pouring water into a leaky bucket? Looking to the people around you to make you feel loved and important? I hate to go all Dr. Phil on you, but how is that working for you?
If your bucket's sprung a leak… …God alone is able to fill you up and answer your heart's cry. He's the only one offering "living water" that can take away our thirst for good.
I'd like to ask you to make a choice.

Option #1: Leaky bucket.
Choosing this route means continuing to look to other people to make you feel loved, accepted, and cherished. You should know up front that this route never works for long.

Option #2: Living water.
You make the choice to let God satisfy your craving to be loved. You study what He says about you in His Word, and you choose to believe it even if your feelings tell you otherwise.” (!!!!!)

(Emphasis of any sort was done by me, and the picture is from the original post as well J I encourage you, Dear, dear Princess, if this struck even the slightest chord within your heart, go read the (very short!) rest of this post at the Lies Young Ladies Believe Blog! Follow this link:

When the Rubber Meets the Road...

Monday evening, I had a ‘rubber meets the road’ moment. 
It was one of those convicting, “ouch” moments.

My mother was planning to go shopping at Sam’s with a friend the following day, and I wanted ssooooo badly to go with her! 

But my Dad was going to be gone on-call, so if I did go with Mom and her friend, the kids would be left home alone—with the potential to pull a ‘free-for-all’ (you know the bit, no schooling would get done, there would be lots of noise and chasing each other around the house… :-)) and the would need someone to get them lunch.
In a whiny way and with a ‘poor me’ attitude, I told my mom I would ‘just stay home’.
I could have pushed it, but I could tell that my Dad didn't love the idea, probably as a whole, and mom wasn't keen on leaving the kids by themselves.

It would have been inconvenient if I had gone with my mom, and so I decided to stay… but I was sooo bummed.
I went back to mom and dad’s room to recant telling them “it was fine- I’d stay home”, but I was stopped by overhearing Dad (who didn't know I was there) tell Bethie (my 11 year old sister, who was looking right at me) how ‘it was good for me to be staying home, so mom could go do what she wanted and needed to do (go get food to feed her family!! :-D ) and to not have to worry because I would be there to just step in and take over’—keep things humming smoothly until she returned.
(And, apparently, Bethie informed me later, that he had said something to the effect of how ‘you don’t always get what you want’—which made me mad, but I knew he was right! Which is probably why it hurt so bad lol/;-/ I needed to hear it!)

I had a pity party and invited God—lol.
 I told Him I KNEW I was being selfish and asked Him to help me put Him first; others (namely, my family!!!) second, and reserve the few remaining crumbs for myself. I realized that I've been living a very ‘me-centric’ life lately :-( I so often do get my way or get to do what I want that I’d grown spoiled :-(
God helped me realize something.
Here I am, being all “passionate” about, involved in, and say I am and believe in being a Biblical, stay-at-home-and-heart daughter (who *clears throat* loves and ministers to her family…)(and by doing that is preparing for wife-and-mommyhood) but when it really comes down to it—when I encounter the HUGE test to act upon and actually LIVE OUT what my head knows and my heart believes…
Even when it comes to being a good example as the big sister—Bethie was right there watching and hearing the entire thing! (She mouths to me -and in a sweet, respectful way!- “but isn't that kind of selfish?!”… Um yeah. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I was not so hot on the performance end.

When all is said and done, when it comes time to PRACTICALLY LIVE OUT what I believe, do I selflessly submit and practice what I preach?
Do I lay down my desires to defer to another’s (A HUGE, integral part of wife and motherhood, BTW!!!)??
Or do I push, twist, and maneuver circumstances to get my way—what I want—at the inconvenience of others?!
As you can imagine, this was a big light-bulb moment for me. I can romanticize about and expound upon the virtues of being a virtuous daughter, but daydreaming and talking :-) are easy things to do.
Selfless, virtuous living?
That’s TOUGH.
But by the grace of God, it’s not impossible! (Matthew 19:26) (Matthew 10:27) (Luke 1:37) (Luke 18:27) (Philippians 4:13)

What about you, dear daughter? Have you (like me :( ) allowed selfishness to creep in and derail you from what you know and believe to be true?

What about you, dear sister? Have you been a less-than-stellar example lately (like me :( )?
What about you, dear Princess? Have you allowed the enemy and his minions to convince you that holy living is impossible—so why bother?

Please know that I do not condemn you! I’m guilty as well. 
But by God’s grace, let’s get back up, learn from this, and keep going forward!

We can talk a good talk—but when the rubber meets the road, can we, can I, walk a good walk?