A Thank You to my Readers!!!

Hello all!
In my last post, I mentioned how, even though I disappeared from the blogging world, some of you out there continued to read my blog and what an encouragement that had been to me. I promised “more on that soon”. :D I have had this promise pulsing in the back of my mind since then, and I truly do not wish to disappear again, so here is my ‘further explanation’!
As a blogger, young lady, and Christian, I try not to post anything on my blog unless it truly promotes Christ. This is why you don’t get any/many posts about me and what I’ve been doing in my personal life and such. (I am not saying those types of posts are bad; I am not saying those who write blogposts as such are bad; and I am not saying that this conviction/standard/way of posting will never change for me. I am only stating how God has ‘led’ me to post thus far :D). Sometimes, I even feel guilty checking my blogs statistics, knowing that this isn’t supposed to be about me or how much people read my work, but it’s supposed to be about God and encouraging young ladies in their walks with Him, through me. (That is why I began this blog, after all :D) However, I do still check… :D
As you all know (unless you are new to my site :D) I’ve been off the radar for a sadly loooooong amount of time. While y’all surely noticed my lack of posts, there is one thing that nobody has noticed.

Except me(Well, and God ;-)

What I noticed over the past couple of months is how, even though I haven’t posted for forever and a day, according to my blog statistics people were/are still visiting, reading, and stumbling across it nearly every day. I've been on that part of my blog quite frequently; so while it seems I've been doing nothing, I did happen to be poking around in the background ;-)
Was that because of anything I, Katie, had done?
Was that because God was working? Because He is good, gracious, and can still use us even when we feel “unusable”?
But the neat thing is that REAL PEOPLE backed up those daily, much-larger-than-I-thought-they-would-be statistics.
You are not a statistic; you are a young woman, probably a lot like me, who read my blog.
And this is what I want to say to all of you who patiently waited me out, and continued to check my blog regularly for updates during this ‘dry spell’.
Thank you
It blessed my heart and uplifted me to know you were still checking things out
That you still cared
I know this probably seems shallow or unimportant to some people, but to log on and see how many people had visited, what posts they had read, and that they were keeping tabs on my blog even though I hadn't been posting—

Whoever you are—thank you.
By His grace, God used you to be a great encouragement to me!!!