"Thing of the Past"... or Useful??

I've read in a couple different places lately how blogs are apparently a ‘thing of the past’.
News to me!
Not in my world, they aren’t!
I wondered how or if this could really be true, because most of the blogs I follow, frequent, or am continuing to learn of, have incredible followings and have wonderfully uplifting articles (and occasionally products! :D). So whether or not the information is true concerning the worth of a blog at this point in time, I began wondering (in my gloomy moods) if I shouldn't simply get rid of my blog altogether.
But there was always a little part of me loath to do it.
Then last week, through a list of “Helpful Resources for Single Women” given by Miss Ashley at the end of her encouraging eBook, Single Girl—The Single Woman’s Guide to Life, Liberty,and the Pursuit of Godliness (which you can order from her blog/website for only $4.95!!!) I came across the Time Warp Wife. I am not a wife at present, but do desire to be married some day, and I found so much practical advice to save and apply later on down the road. I was just so refreshed and encouraged by all I found on that and similar blogs, and a thought came to me—hit me, as it were.
Blogging is not a useless thing of the past.
I was encouraged from hopping from blog to Godly blog, and I’m not the only one out there that needs encouragement from time to time, whether it be in our practical daily lives, or in our walk with Christ! If these dear ladies blogs could be such an encouragement to me, surely God can use my blog to encourage other young ladies who need encouragement! Maybe you! :D :D :D

So, by God’s grace, I’m going to keep on posting. :D

And, whether you struggle with your single state or not, I highly recommend you check out—ahem! —buy Miss Ashley’s book—it spoke to me right where I was at! ♥


  1. Do keep on posting, Princess. Blogging is most certainly not a thing of the past. Even if it were, there are many of us that don't keep up with the latest greatest and don't even care about the latest greatest!

    May God bless you as He prepares you to be a Princess Bride.

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. I agree with you...it isn't a thing of the past to me ;) And I also love TimeWarp Wife :D I'll have to check out that book ;)

  3. Don't give up on something worth doing:) I hadn't heard blogging was a thing of the past - but then I think most of us do it for reasons other than what society thinks:) Wishing you joy - and no gloom this week!

  4. A thing of the past? Hahaha - I've just begun! And I would buy Miss Ashley's book, except I have been happily married for 37 years. I might check into it for my niece, however! Thank you and God bless!


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