18 Years of Blessings!!

Hey dear sisters!!!
Well, it's finally official! I turned 18 last Tuesday! :) My mom still insists I'm a teenager~ my dad will call me an adult~ my little siblings just know that Katie's in charge~~at least when mom & dad are out ~~ so I still feel in the middle :) but it's still an amazing milestone nonetheless!!
While alot, okay most people complain about growing older, I (at least at this point lol) choose to see it as a blessing! God in His infinite grace and wisdom has seen fit to bless me with another year with which to spend in His service! But reflecting on the past is pretty awesome as well. Even the struggles I've been through seem worth it somehow, even if the only thing they brought about was a strengthening of my understanding and a deeper love for my Savior. My God has given me so much to be thankful for!!.... including now another year!!!
18 Special Blessings:
1. My Salvation and personal relationship with my Savior (Ex 15:2, Is 12:2)

2. My Bible~my Love Letter and Battle Plans (Ps 119:9,11,38,87,105)

3. My Family~the BEST parents and awesomest (if not wildest :D) siblings (Mal 4:6a)

4. My church, pastor, and church family (Mt 18:20)

5. My friends and fellow sisters in the faith! (Tit 3:15)

6. My computer (Internet access at home or no! lol) (Ps 68:19)

7. My wonderful bed (Ps 63:6)

8. My coffee maker (and I'm so not lying!) (1st Cor 10:31 LOL)

9. My little tracphone :) (again, I'm thankful I have one!) (Heb 13:16 a LOL)

10. My house (the place of shelter and warmth) (Duet 6:7)

11. My piano (even though my daddy needs to tune it!) (Ps 92:3)

12. Food  (Mt 6:11)

13. My home (the atmospher of my family in our place of shelter) (Ps 127:1)

14. My MP3 player (Eph 5:19)

15. Spiritual leaders in my life (Titus 2:3-5)

16. The opportunity to stay at home, in my father's house, serving my family and helping my mother (Ps 144:12)

17. Health (Ps 42:11)

18. Endless opportuinities to serve my Jesus!! (Mt 20:28, Lk 1:38)


  1. Dear Katie,
    Thank you for your prayers regarding Ellerslie!
    Happy eighteenth birthday! I remember my eighteenth, it was kinda weird to think about :) But in September I turned 20 and that was REALLY weird! I don't feel 20, I feel eighteen still ;) May the Lord richly bless you in this special time of your life!
    Love and Blessings!

  2. Hi Katie! Thank you so much for the beautiful comment you left on my blog! It seriously made my day. :) I too had a hard time finding friends with a heart for God, but then I started blogging, and like you, found a bunch! I'm so glad that you found my little nook in the blogging world and left me a commented, because I love finding new blogs, and young ladies with a passion for Christ! :) I am definitely following your blog. ;)

    I know I'm really late saying this, but: HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY! :) I hope it was a good one, and I love how you named 18 blessings in your life, and added scripture references to them! :)

    Also, Eldarwen isn't my real name, it's just an anonymous name I came up with, because my parents and I decided (for safety) I would try to remain as anonymous as possible on the Internet. ;) To answer your question though, Eldarwen is pronounced: el-DAR(like star)-win. :) I'm not very good with pronunciations, or telling people how to pronounce words, so I hope that helps. :)


  3. Like your number 3 blessing! What kind of parents create wild kids?


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