Obviously a Beginer!!!

Dear Sisters,
I graduated in the spring, and I've been extremely blessed to be able to spend the entire summer basically just getting to know my Lord better and drawing closer to Him. I've gleaned all this fabulous fruit from a summer spent with my Savior, but then it was like...now what?!? Then I read something in a fabulous Bible study for young ladies that hit me square between the eyes. It said something to the effect of: (and I don't have it with me right now otherwise I'd give the direct quote-- I will later) "okay, so God's blessed you with great things from His Word SO SHARE IT!" It said that inspiration not acted on leads to depression. And sadly, by not acting on it, I truly believe I got a little taste of what that meant.
But often, i feel alone on my spiritually journey, on my daily battle as His warrior, with my daily duties as His princess--( that's what we are, you know; if you have trusted Christ as your personal Savior, the Bible calls us His children, which makes you a child of the King, and a female offspring of a King is what?? A princess!! But I'm TOTALLY getting ahead of myself! More on this later!! lol rewind!). Anyway, ofttimes, i feel alone- but i know there are other godly young women devoted to their Savior out there who are serving Him to the best of their ability and seeking Him with their whole heart! But then, I have to wonder... they've (you've!) got to feel the same way as well sometimes.
So this is why I've created this blog-- to knit us together, to hold us accountable! A chance to share our burdens with each other and pray for each other. A place to share a passage of Scripture that really spoke to our hearts, or comforted us in times of trial, that totally pricked our heart, or plain just psyched us out!! A place to uplift each other and to share how God is working in our lives. A place to share devotionals we've read. A place to share answered prayers, miracles, and what I like to call 'mini-miracles' and 'that was such a God thing'. I don't know where God will take this blog, but I pray that it will be a place of encouragement. I'm not the best at expressing myself so if I say something that sounds weird or offhand, or that's (heaven forbid!) offensive in anyway, I apologize ahead of time! (If this does happen please let me know so I can clarify what I was trying to say-- I don't want to be the cause of hurt to any of you!!). Please remember, I'm not perfect! I'm on this journey too! With you! To use the old cliche, we're in this together!!! I just hope this can be a blog that is good for encouragement, spiritual growth, mentoring, and a place where we can just be excited about our Lord Jesus Christ who "daily loadeth us with benefits" together!
But like the title says, I'm SO new at this! So please, any ideas, advice, and ways to get this out there to even more Christian sisters, LET ME KNOW!
Love and prayers
In Christ,
Katie (Ryn) Hamilton

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  1. Hello,Katie!I love the title of your blog!
    It is so cute!
    You wondered about any ideas or advice to reach to even more girls. Here is a suggestion I have: You should have a blog button,so that you might get more visitors. I would be *very* happy to make you one for free!! I am also into designing,and I could give you a blog design makeover for FREE too if you are interested!! To see the blog I designed and manage,visit www.ladies-of-virtue.blogspot.com
    God Bless!


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