A Week in Skirts "Wrap-Up" ;-)

 This past week I took part of a blog challenge to wear skirts for an entire week. The challenge was Libby's from A Noble Calling blog; she contacted some different bloggers and I thought it sounded fun :)

I usually spend 4-5 days of my week in a skirt anyway, so it wasn't much of a change for me :)

 1st Day of Challenge:
Navy blue Northern Reflections T-shirt with fall and country-type decals I acquired from Salvation Army
My lavender cami underneath (I like to wear camis under most shirts for comfort and a layered look) was from a garage sale.
Long Khaki Skirt ( Old Navy brand ) I received this from a sweet Titus 2 mamma at my church
(The shoes I wore throughout the week are brown Sketchers Go-Walks that my parent’s bought me for my 21st birthday :D)
2nd Day of Challenge:
Navy blue and white Christopher & Banks shirt
(I’ve had that shirt for a long time)
White Stag jean skirt
(Again from the same Titus 2 Momma at church :D)

3rd Day of Challenge:
I had to work all day so I wore something cute but comfy that wasn't a big deal if I got a bit dusty
PURPLE! Cedar Point T-shirt
(Bought there last summer!)
Lavender cami
(So brand name, I believe I received it for Christmas)
Jean skirt 
4th day of challenge:
I was at work all day and I forgot to take a picture :( So I shall describe it the best I can. I wore a teal T-shirt with a logo of the continents with the caption “Preach the Word, Reach the World”, given to me by my friend, and Southern Gospel singer, Gabrielle Allen (they sell these T shirts at their concerts to raise money for the Compassion International children they sponsor!!) and a dark purple cami. Also, I wore a purple Aeropostale hoodie overtop, and I wore a jean skirt again.

5th day of Challenge:
Another day at work
Yellow smiley face T-shirt (Family Christian Bookstore-It says "smile, Jesus loves you" and John 3:16) over black cami (Salvation army)
Jean Skirt
6th Day of Challenge:
Again, was unable to take photo, so I took a snapshot of the blouse and skirt yesterday. (the pictures don’t really do it justice, though :( ) The blouse is a deep purple with magenta strips, and the skirt (white stag brand, again from my Titus 2 mamma) is actually an olive green color. (These two pics really do the outfit an injustice :( lol) 

Day 7 of the Challenge was Sunday, Mother’s Day, so I’m a bit more dressed up
Lavender shirt (Old Navy brand, purchased at Salvation Army)
Lavender/ purple floral skirt (again from my Titus 2 mom!!!)
I wore white sandals with small wedge heels and a round decal on top to church, but I had chucked them by the time I took pictures :)
Make-up worn: Cowgirl dirt 
(See those lovely flowers I'm standing by? My thoughtful brother bought those for our mom for Mother's Day!) 

This was definitely fun-- probably easier for me than most. However, my sister did save my hide Sunday by reminding me to spend the entire evening in my skirt! lol After church, I was ready to be outta my skirt and into my lounge pants for the rest of the night; but thanks to her reminder, after my nap (yes, I take naps on Sundays, thank you very much! LOL) instead of donning fuzzy Superman PJ pants for the rest of the night, I slipped into a jean skirt for the rest of the evening. :) 

These are the links to the other girls who participated in this challenge! Take a minute to check them out! :) 

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  1. Love all your outfits, Katie :) Thanks a bunch for joining in! Hope you have a beautiful day <3

    1. Thanks Libby! And thanks for inviting me! You too! :) <3

  2. I love them! but most of all the purple ones! I love the color of your blog! {purple is my favorite color.. in case you could tell. ha-ha!} -Abi

    1. Thank you! :) My favorite color is purple/lavender too! After I did this post, I realized that I wear a lot of it! lol :)

  3. I love your smiley-face t-shirt! Very fun! :)

    1. thanks! I'm wearing it again today actually :) lol

    2. Very cute post Katie! I enjoyed it :-) keep up the posting. You are such an inspiration!

  4. Lovely outfits! I always find it so easy to wear skirts in the summer and so hard in the winter!


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