Book Review: Adventures and Adversities

About the Book: 
"One day Alditha is content living with her family, the next she is taking her friend's place to serve at the king's castle. Her father's final instructions, to keep smiling and to do what is right, will be harder to live out than she ever imagined. She will face a royal nephew who delights in making people miserable, and angry servant girl who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, and noblemen who plot murder. Will she be able to keep the promise she made to her father? will she find the faith she longs for during all her Adventures and Adversities"?
What I Liked: Adventures was a sweet story to allow myself to be swept away to. Reading it reminded me of watching a Narnia movie, as it is set in the medieval period and contains castle sieges and battles out at sea :D There were so many small-yet-profound lessons to be gleaned from Alditha and William's story- mainly around our perception of God vs how He really is, and also not allowing hardship to harden you, embitter you. I loved the main characters determination to do right, and to always endeavor to see the bright side of things (something I could learn a lesson or two from ;)

What I Didn't Like: At several parts throughout the story, I found myself, while always ennoying it and not getting bored, wondering exactly what the plot was, or what it was leading up to. I think I kept waiting for this big build up to a climax or big main problem Alditha would have to overcome....when in reality, instead of one big mountian, the obstacles came in little hills and valleys for our characters (yes the last one is a little bigger ;). They do however round off nicely at the end. This book would make a great tv mini-series lol. 

Favorite Quote: There were so many great lines, little nuggets of well-worded wisdom, burried throughout this entire story, that it is hard to pick just one; one that is repeated several times in the book that I enjoyed was, "Whatever you do...wherever you go, trust God, and never stop smiling. Your life will be hard, and bitterness will be the easiest thing for you to feel. Remember that you serve a God who knew that this would happen before you were born." 

Final Thoughts: Remember my review last week on Sarah's short story "Admirable"? Admirable was a prequel to Adventures & Adversities, and had me very eager to read it and the rest of the series...... It did NOT disappoint!!

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The Secret Slipper: Book Review

I have been looking forward to this book release for a looong time!! I was beyond blessed to be a part of the beta team for this and I am excited to finally get to share this incredible story with all of you!

About the Book
Being a cripple is the only the beginning of Lia's troubles. It seems as if Bioti's goal in life is to make Lia as miserable as possible. If Lia's purpose is to be a slave, then why did God make her a cripple? How can He make something beautiful out of her deformity?
Raoul never questioned the death of his daughter until someone reports her whereabouts. If Ellia is still alive, how has she survived these ten years with her deformity? When Raoul doesn't know who to trust, can he trust God to keep Ellia safe when evidence reveals Bioti's dangerous character?
As time brings more hindrances, will Raoul find Ellia, or will she forever be lost to the father she doesn't even know is searching for her?

What I Liked
Oh my. Where do I begin?! When Amanda messaged me "So.... I may have another story for to beta read.... ;)" I may have very literally jumped up and down in glee lol!!! I unabashedly embraced every aspect of this book (except perhaps one hard-to-decipher character with whom I have unresolved feelings ;) )and have come to love these characters and their story!
I loved everything about this book, but I appreciate that Amanda wrote Lia in such a way that I could intimately empathize with her. As someone who already knows Christ, I knew the answers to her questions and doubts and "whys?!" all along. As Christians, we often know the right answers in our heads, but when bad things happen-- and then continue to get worse instead of getting better-- we often let feelings of anger, abandonment, bitterness, and fear well up in our hearts and overtake them. We have sooo many legitimate feelings/questions we want to ask of God and church leaders but "know better" than to ask. Throughout the course of the story, we experience these feelings with Lia (all the legitimate unfairness of her situation) and, in response, we receive one of the most exquisite explanations of salvation I have ever read. But I loved that we were allowed to experience those "forbidden" emotions with Lia-- and given such a beautifully crafted but accurate answer in response. 
What I Disliked
Again? Literally nothing. Well, maybe a few characters-- I completely loathed the 'bad guys' in this story with a black, burning passion-- but because they were so believably sly and evil! As the reader we are supposed to hate them lol So again! It was beautifully well done! 
No complaints from this reader! 
oh wait.... there was that character I am still very much at odds with..... ;) 

The Secret Slipper takes you on a crazy-amazing journey from the first few angst-filled lines (ohmysoul, guys! SO much angst!!) and does not let you go til the very end!

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Book Review: Admirable

William returns home to find his family threatened with attack from a neighboring Earl. Will he be able to protect his sister and the rest of his family from this threat? Will he be able to trust God no matter what?
A prequel story for Adventures and Adversities.
(description according to Amazon)

What I Liked:
This story was short and sweet--very simple but with a good message and endearing characters. It was short enough that I was able to enjoyable read all 5 chapters on my lunch break. It was well-written and crafted in such a way, however, that I was drawn I to William and his sister's plight and want them to succeed. This story can certainly stand alone, but having fallen for Will and his sister by learning their backstories, it may be time for me to begin their full-fledged series ;)

What I Didn't Like:
That it was so short and all I got was a little taste of their story.
But that is what a short story is by definition.
I also had to keep reminding myself that the characters were so young, even though they were having to deal with what we would consider adult activities. However, I have not done my medieval research, so it could be 100% accurate and just a matter of me being unfamiliar with the time period.

Favorite Quote:
"Then he did the hardest thing that he had every done in his life, he let go of his sisters hand and let her walk alone."

Final Thoughts:
Short, sweet story that whet my appetite for the full series!!

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