Encouraging Video (One) ~~ When "Wait" is Your Answer

A few months ago, my sister bought a movie she’d really wanted to watch. The trailer had piqued our interest, and so had the fact that Fireproof actress Erin Bethea was in it. When we finally got it, I was excited to watch it with my sisters.
But I was not prepared for how God would use it to bless and encourage me!
The movie is called This is Our Time, and I highly recommend it, especially for any young adults out there who are trying to “decipher God’s will” for them in this crucial and extremely stressful point in their life. 
However, there are a few pivotal scenes that spoke to me more than others, and over the course of a few blog posts, I would like to share them, and a few others, with you!
I wanted to share these with you a few months ago, when the inspiration was still fresh in my heart, but I slacked and let it die. But a recent conversation with one of my cousins reminded me so much of this film and the encouragement wrought by it, that I've finally decided to post these! 

With this new school year fully in gear and everyone finally either back in school or in the swing of homeschooling, I've heard a lot about the pressure put on seniors (in high school) to suddenly have all these plans about where they’re going to college, if they’re going to college, what they want to do, what they think God’s will is for them, and all these pivotal, intense decisions—suddenly, as soon as you hit 12th grade, you’re supposed to have the answer to all of these! And then, regardless of what your passions and desires and even God’s will for your life, are the expectations put upon us as young people: by our friends, church family, teachers, peers, and even, our parents! You may not be very sure at all what God wants you to do, but you certainly know what everyone ELSE thinks you should be doing!
And that causes stress and no end of pressure. My sister and her best friend (who are both senior this year) have definitely been feeling this pressure. But so have I, because of recent developments in my life, and so is one of my cousins, and we are past the ‘graduation’ phase of life.
But what if, when searching for God’s voice and will for this next phase of life, all you hear is “WAIT”??
Then what?
You’re not wrong. 
You’re not a failure or a “less-than”.
 If this is you, whatEVER season of life you’re in and no matter what unfair expectations are being placed upon you, while everyone else seems to have their act together? YOU DO TOO. Just in a completely different way than they do. Because God’s will is different for everybody. And He’s using us all in different ways. Even if that means you don’t feel used or important, God is still using you! Yes, we must "search" and pray for God's guidance and try to stay close to Him. But just because the answer is "wait" doesn't make you less important or mean you're doing "nothing". :)

God’s will is not limited to a four year college degree
and God’s will/timing is not limited to what everybody else thinks you should be doing. 
God’s will often looks like nothing you would have chosen for yourself or expected you would do.

I cannot word it any better than the professor does in this clip. I hope this encourages you as it did me <3 

(I in no way claim any rights to this movie and all credit goes to Pure Flix Entertainment and Director Lisa Arnold!)


  1. I've watched that movie, but maybe it's time to watch it again:) ~Jessica:)

    P.s the clip isn't showing up.

    1. ((hugs)) yes! watch it again :) Be "listening" :) Hope you're having a good day. Thought of you the other day... I'll have to email you and tell you why ;)
      PS Really? Is it now? cuz it's working for me?? lol

    2. :) I did!!! I watched it the other night and was encouraged!! :):)

      Ps. I still can't but it's probably a problem on my end.

  2. Katie- This post was so timely! I was so encouraged by your words- THANK YOU for posting this :) :) I have never seen this movie, but I really like Erin Bethea and the movies she has done, so I'm going to check this one out. Can't wait to read more!!

    Hope you have a beautiful week, sweet sister <3

    1. Oh Libby, Praise God! I am SO HAPPY!! <3 I was discouraged at first after posting it, but God was like "if ONE PERSON who needs it gets the encouragement? That's all that matters" :) Glad it was there when you needed it <3
      And oh yes! While you're at it, get The Redemption of Henry Myers too :)
      Hugs you tightly!!! Have a fantabulous day! :)

  3. I love this post and you are so right! We do this to people in all stages of life it seems. When are you going to get married?, Get a 'job'?, have children ect. This is a great reminder to wait and listen to God and turn down the noise of the world.

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