I greatly encourage you to go to the link I've included and read this post by a TRUE princess warrior! I read this post about a week ago and it hurt ... and then made me so mad!  But now mad at her, but angry at the sin and mysticism hiding under the guise of Christianity! PLEASE read this post! It is an 'eye-opener' that is very much worth your time!!!

~Love Katie


  1. That was an interesting read. I appreciated what she had to say, and even agreed with some of it, but a some of it comes from her viewpoint, and not from a Biblical viewpoint. That is not valid in my eyes. *To be honest. I want to know what God says, not this young lady. And while I do not doubt her piety, she is human.*

    To instantly write the people who wrote those books off as mystic hell goers made me upset. I am not on earth to decide who goes to hell. God will do that for me. I've been told I'm going to hell because I do not dress conservatively, and other such things, and my feelings stem from that past.

    I'm done for now. I could go on and on...
    Thank you Katie for posting this! Much to think on! <3

    1. Oh Morgan! That didn't even enter my mind when I read this post! That these people are "mystic hell goers"! That did not enter my mind! I'm sorry if that is how she cAme across, but I'm sure that this is not how she meant nor is this in her heart! :) What IS her heart is for Chriatians who would read these books to take in the falseness of the mystisicm involved without even realizing it! It is that Christians take heed to what they allow/take in and that they be not--unwillingly-- deceived.
      And NO! You are not going to hell base on how you dress!!! Whoever told you that wasn't displaying common courtesy, let alone the love of Christ! You are not condemned to hell for what you do or do not wear; I am not condenmed to hell because of the mistakes I constantly make: the authors of these books in the post are not condemned to hell because of what they wrote: we are ALL condenmed to hell b/c "in Adam, all have sinned", which makes us sinners. But GOD, in His mercy, sent His Son to die for us, to take our punishment, and, if we will put our faith in Him and receive Him as LORD of our lives, we may live eternally in heaven with Him.
      You can dress in turtlenecks and ankle-length skirts and still die and pass into eternal punishment. :( Whoever passed that judgement on you was sadly rude and unkind; I am sorry that they said this!! :(:(:(
      And again, I'm sorry that it seemed as though the writer of this post was saying that these authors are going to hell. I believe, hope, that THEY are deceived themselves, not willfully deceiving others (at least two of them). I can almost promise you this was not her intent and was far from her thinking.
      Also, you're right when you say that it's not your/our job to say who is going to hell. But the Lord "is not willing that ANY should perish but that ALL should come to repentance". It is the individual's decision whether or not they will spend eternity in hell or not. They may not literally opt for hell, they may simply reject Chrisf. :(:(:( But by rejecting Christ and His free gift of salvation, they are taking the path that is broad and leads to distraction. It is their own decision made of their own free will that the Lord created them with. He's a loving God- not a jerk who forces us to do things and not let us make our own decisions. Yet sadly, so many times, we opt away from His will. :(:(
      One more thing, and then I'M finished Lol :-P I've said before how when I first read this post, I was all pumped to go and fight what deception/mysticism/wrong thinking is out there by getting GOOD thing out their to read! Writing for His glory! But then I realized, no person can TRULY write anything GOOD, cannot write anything for the glory of God, cannot DO or PERFORM anything for Christ, if they are not in a right standing with Him. Everything we do and say stems from this- our relationship with Him. He has given you a powerful sword of talent that can be used in a mighty way to draw others close(r) to Him, and influence and REACH souls/many people for Him! Don't waste this gift! Use it, by His grace, to counteract the sin that IS out there, and to truly do it to BRING HIM GLORY!!
      I hope this has cleared things up and has not offended or hurt you!!
      Love in Christ <3 <3 <3

  2. I was not offended at all Katie! You are always such an encouragement to me!
    <3Thank you<3 for the kind things you said, and I agree with everything you said.:D
    I am definitely thinking harder on these books, now that I've read what she said and see the validity of it. Scary how easily we can be deceived, yes? I never want to be that way...but in this day truth is so hard to find and the lies seem so enticing. If I could pray for a wise spirit like Solomon's and get it...:D

    1. Oh good- lol- I am thankful for that. And that is SUCH a sweet thing to say, Morgan, but I must give all the praise to Jesus. HE encourages u through what I may say. :) :) :)
      I am so glad, and YES! It IS frightening how easily we can be deceived! It really aggravates me, b/c again, as u said, sometimes the things we are deceived by really do seem appealing :(:(:(
      You CAN! :):):) persistent prayer. But yes, that is a GOOD prayer!

  3. Dear Katie, I am an older Christian woman who has been in church all her life & I have a solid,confident, personal relationship with Jesus Christ & I trust solely in His atoning sacrifice on the cross for my salvation. I have been reading Ann's blog for several years & I can assure you that she is a blood bought follower of Jesus Christ & there is nothing deceptive or mystic about her writings. I think you should go to her blog post & read today's post: I thought about you as I read because I saw your post a few days ago & believe the Lord brought it to mind. David wrote,"Where can I go from your Spirit?" (Nowhere) & "The earth is full of the glory of God!" It's one thing to be critical but to accuse someone of heresy is serious! You can find Ann Voscamp @ A Holy Experience. I think you must examine the "evidence" before you jump to a conclusion. Your knowledge of the Word & prayer will protect you from any "mysticism".I believe you will find Ann's heart to led by the Holy Spirit! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia


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