Finding Favor (Part 2)

 Yesterday, we looked at Proverbs 3:3-4 in reference to how we ‘find favor’ in God’s sight. But let us look at these verses again! J

Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart: So shalt thou find favor and good understanding in the sight of God and man. (Proverbs 3:3-4) 

Not only does this verse promise favor with God if we apply verse 3, but it actually tells us that we SHALT find favor in the sight of man!!!!
While this verse says you SHALL “find favor in the sight of…man”, it doesn’t say what type of “man”—lol.
Ever notice how your church family can be all warm, supportive, and encouraging when you do something for Jesus, or something you believe God has called you to do? But over that same decision, others can be rude, cold, unsupportive and standoffish?? Obviously you haven “found favor” with that second group! J lol. But most likely, when this verse says you’ll gain favor in the sight of men, it’s speaking of Godly men and women (People whose good opinion is actually worth having because of their walk with GOD) (***what is your opinion about this?? I’m curious to know??*** J) And, occasionally, even thought unsaved people may oppose and disagree with you for a certain decision, they WILL RESPECT you for making and standing by it!!
(ALSO! What is your Biblical ‘opinion’ about this verse’s principal? I’m curious to know! J If you feel like sharing your thoughts, simple leave them as a comment below! J)

My/your/our ultimate goal should NOT BE to find favor in the sight of any man or woman—Godly or not!!! Our main objective needs to be to find favor in GOD’S sight by keeping His Word’s not anyone else’s! No one else’s respect or recognition should matter!!!

However, Not only do we find favor in the sight of God and man if we “let not mercy and truth forsake us, bind them about our necks and write them upon the tables of our hearts” (verse 3), BUT! We will find GOOD UNDERSTANDING in the sight of God and man!!! Not sure if that means that we will be “greatly understood”, but I imagine not lol. (Again, your thoughts please!!! J) Probably refers to possessing good, Godly wisdom (or possessing good, Godly knowledge and then having the discernment and know-how to apply that knowledge which equals wisdom!) how to serve and obey God, and how to relate to others. Even more amazing, is the fact that it will not simply be “understanding” that we will obtain—but GOOD understanding!! As James tells us, if we only take a moment to ask God for wisdom—He WILL give it to us… liberally!!!!! (YAY!!!!! JJJ) (James 1:5) And guess what?! That’s another promise!!! J
So perhaps, before you continue with your day, you may take a moment to pray and ask God for wisdom to attain favor with Him and man—to endow you with the wisdom to obey Him and relate in a Godly way to others you deal with today! 

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