The Effect of a Godly Mommy Upon an Entire Nation

  "And the child Samuel grew on, and was in favor both with the LORD, and also with men."
1 Samuel 2:26

If Samuel gained favor in the sight of “men” as well as God, that means that he lived such a Godly life—even for one so young—that people took notice. It would only stand to reason that these “men” or other people with whom Samuel and his Godly lifestyle gained favor with knew Samuel's “background” story—his ‘history’, as it were. How he had come to live there, and to “minister” unto Eli the priest and to those that came to worship, and ultimately, minister unto the Lord. This means that
A.)   They would know of Hannah’s answered prayer for a son (see 1 Samuel 1: 5b and 6b) which means that God would have been glorified again and again through each retelling of Hannah’s past suffering. And
B.)   They would have known all about her FAITHFULNESS to the God who answered her prayers for a son!
So, not only was Samuel a Godly testimony, but his mother was one as well, through the way she had been obedient to God and raised her son!!! (Because of and by the child she had raised/trained!!!)
Being a wife and “stay at home mom” is not a sacrifice (although it includes them, definitely!) It is a high calling!!! Even though Hannah was simply being obedient and on fire for God in an unobtrusive, not ‘out there’ way, she had a great impact on the entire nation of Israel because of the son she raised and dedicated to the Lord! She was an example through the Godly children she sent out of the home She Stayed IN!
There are so many lies out there aimed at young women concerning this—mostly that staying home as a wife, mommy, daughter, whatever!, is a stifling, boring, drudgery and waste of a woman’s (God given) amazing abilities and brilliance. Nothing could be farther from the truth! As young women, we can have the greatest impact in our homes and through the sphere of the home! J Hannah had no idea what an impact she would have on an entire nation simply by being a Godly mommy!!!
Who knows what impact you may have there as well!?

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