Devotional Thoughts from Psalms 36

Just some questions I came up with and things to apply to myself and my walk with Jesus while reading my Bible today. Was thinking "blogpost" while doing so... hence the post :)
Psalms 36:1-4
What does my behavior say to the Lost? What does it say to other Believers? Can they tell that there is a ‘fear of the LORD’ in my life—‘before my eyes’, in the words of the psalmist? Is there actually a fear of the LORD in my life, before mine eyes, to be observed by the Lost and other Christians?
Do I flatter myself in my own eyes? Life myself up in my own esteem? Until my iniquity (my choosing to do what I want, when I want to, because I want to…) is found of others to be a hateful thing? A disgusting lifestyle?
Are the words of my mouth iniquity? Are they words that I wish to say, or are they words that Christ would say and have me say? Are the words that issue forth from my mouth deceitful? Have I ‘left off’, have a said ‘Forget it!’ to being wise and seeking wisdom? Have I given up on being good?
What do I ‘devise’ upon my bed? What do I dream about, meditate on? Do I devise to do good (Proverbs 14:22) and dream of my Beloved, (Psalm 63:6) my Maker? Have I set myself on a way that is not good, or on a way that is good? Do I hate evil, or has some of it become acceptable in my sight—good even?

By God’s good grace…

  1. Fear Him
  2. Set Him before mine eyes
  3. Humble myself under the mighty had of God and He will exalt me in due time
  4. Do not iniquity
  5. Speak not iniquity
  6. Speak the truth
  7. Seek after—pursue—wisdom
  8. Strive to do good!
  9. Devise to do good to others the following day, plan out a Godly and Christ honoring and family oriented day, every night upon my bed
  10. Meditate on all the good God has done for me that day every night in bed
  11. Set myself (and allow myself to be set) on/in a way that is good
  12. Hate and abhor evil!
What about you? What did you read today!? :):):) <3


  1. Very uplifting! Glad I discovered your blog!

  2. As thank you! That is very sweet of u! But I should not take credit from Whom I is due! Jesus is the One Who 'uplifted" u!!! ;););) But thanx for ur sweet words!


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