Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Seeing as this is most likely the last time I'll be blessed to be able to use the Internet until after Christmas :( I want to wish all of my precious readers a very                        Merry Christmas!!
Right now I'm spending time with one of my SUPER SPECIAL VERY BESTEST FRIEND in the world :) :) My special sister Gabrielle Allen! Her family (which is even larger than mine! 10!) are Southern Gospel singers (to learn more about them click here!!) so I rarely get to see her which makes these two days even more special!! I don't know how many times the Lord has used her voice, texts, or simply prayers to comfort and encourage me!
But anyhoo... :)
    Merry Christmas my precious sisters in Christ!
Fight hard for Him this Christmas season as His warrior, but take time to remember that you are His precious princess, and that he came as a child to die as a man because He LOVES YOU SO MUCH!! Take a little extra time on your knees this Christmas to thank Him for His wonderous love!

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