Okay so.........
The Lord used that decision/ experiment to show me something....
not good :( lol
guess who was the one who was doing all the rude comments causing the responses??
oh you'd better believe it was me!
it was AWFUL! And since I was extra aware of it that day, I was noticing it! I was like, "Lord, is it always this bad? Am I always like this?? or is it just because I've been cooped up with these people in this same cell... *clears throat* van for 11 hours!?!?!
Regardless, I ended up apologizing to one of my poor sisters like eight or nine times, poor girl! And here's the thing-- yes, she deserved to be reprimanded, but could I have done so with just a change of expression in my voice, I could have been being a good example, not wounding her! That really humbled me. It was like God was telling me not to forget that I'm not always the victim.
What made the whole thing worse was that I've also made a commitment based on Ephesians 4:29. Yeah.
Pray for me with this, dear sisters! ever since the trip, I've been extremely conscience about it, which I know I should always be :) but pray for me to soldier on and to be uplifting to my siblings and all those I come in contact with!
Other Scripture on this topic that comes to mind?? I need it! :)
I hope  you all did better than i did!
love in Christ

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