Quick Update!

Hey all you lovelies! 

I felt the need for an update ;) No, my blog hasn’t turned from a devotional type blog to a book review blog ;) However, I have done a LOT of changing since this blogs conception and after struggling with it for a while, I realize that letting the blog change with me is OKAY :D <3 After all, it is still my God-scripted story and my desire to share and encourage others walking their own…. That story just looks and feels a loooot different than it ever did or I ever expected it to lol ;) But (shocker!) that’s how God works ;)

I would like to change the theme/design of the blog for sure, to sort of ‘update’ it--to have it be more relevant to these changes (so if anyone is an expert at or enjoys doing blog art/design—or knows anyone who is— please feel free to contact me!!! :D )

I do have certain topics dear to my heart and current situations I would like to write about…. But A) they are still so raw and fresh that I don’t have the application or endings/answers yet… and B) are so deeply personal I wonder if it is “okay” to share, or if anyone will care (which I realize is not the point at all, but just being honest here ;) So if anyone has any ideas or topics they’d like to see discussed, feel free to share those in the comments below as well!! 

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